Welcome to Maddam’s Musings

About this site:

This is a fairly fledgling blog which will be updated and and when I get time, inspiration and motivation. I intend to post here reviews of various games I’ve played; details of ongoing games I’m running or playing in; home-brewed things for games; some reviews and probably some general bloggery about anything else which springs to mind. I hope you like it.

About the author:

I’ve been gaming for several decades now, having started with Fighting Fantasy Game books back in the late 80’s. I cut my teeth on AD&D 1st Edition and have played pretty much every version of that going, as well as the various D&D-alikes such as 13th Age, Pathfinder and Fantasy AGE. I was a big Storyteller fan as well, especially Werewolf and Hunter; and also indulged in Cyberpunk and many other systems.

After a long time playing (and attempting to run, badly) Pathfinder and getting frustrated with the level of maths and system mastery needed for that game I whipsawed over to incredibly narratively-focused games such as Fate for a while, but I found that was almost too fluffy – while Fate Accelerated is great for one-shots it didn’t seem to scale well for me, and though Fate Core has some excellent ideas I found I needed a bit more bones to hang the meat off.

I’m a big fan of Fantasy AGE / Dragon AGE from Green Ronin although the lack of support those systems get has turned me off a little; that along with the lack of variety at early levels without a lot of house ruling. I am still a huge advocate of the stunt dice system though.

I run and play some 5th ed D&D, which seems to have a nice balance of crunch and fluff and is nicely engaging and balanced regardless of your level of system mastery. My big love at the moment though is the Narrative Dice System by Fantasy Flight Games, as shown in the Star Wars system and the more hackable Genesys.

Inspired by a number of excellent podcasts, I now host and edit the Force Majeure podcast, which is an Actual Play Star Wars Force and Destiny game. We currently have two main campaigns running on alternate seasons, one which I GM and one which I play.


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